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PM10 Annual Mean

PM10 Annual Mean |  PM10 Daily Mean |  PM2.5 Annual Mean

The maps are based on the RIO-corine interpolation technique. The calculated concentrations are representative of areas with a surface area of 4x4 km2. The concentrations may locally be higher or lower. The modelled concentrations are subject to a certain degree of uncertainty. The uncertainty gains with the distance to the measuring station.

The European limit value for protection of human health from long-term exposure to PM10 is 40 µg/m³ as the annual mean concentration. In 2012 the interpolated annual mean PM10 concentration across all RIO grid cells in Belgium was around 20 µg/m³. The 40 µg/m³ limit value was not exceeded at any location. The highest annual mean PM10 concentrations were calculated in East and West Flanders, northwestern Flemish Brabant and around Antwerp. In general, the concentrations in this region are between 20 and 30 µg/m³, whereas concentrations of 31-35 µg/m³ are reached around Ghent, Antwerp, Ostend, Bruges and Kortrijk. The lowest annual mean PM10 concentrations, between 0-15 µg/m³, were recorded south of Sambre and Meuse rivers.