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PM10 Daily Mean

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The maps are based on the RIO-corine interpolation technique. The calculated concentrations are representative of areas with a surface area of 4x4 km2. The concentrations may locally be higher or lower. The modelled concentrations are subject to a certain degree of uncertainty. The uncertainty gains with the distance to the measuring station.

The EU limit value for protection of human health from short-term exposure to PM10 is a daily mean PM10 concentration of 50 µg/m³ that is not to be exceeded more than 35 times per year. In 2013 this threshold was exceeded at several locations: Roeselare, Antwerpen (Borgerhout straatkant), Evergem and Engis. The daily mean concentration of 50 µg/m³ was even exceeded more than 50 times in the station Voorhaven (Haren). In 2013, the maximum, minimum and average exceedance days in Belgium amounted to 39, 0 and 9 respectively. The number of exceedances per monitoring stations for 2014 and 2015 (up till now) can be found here.